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Hi and welcome to Holistic Therapy.

My name is Kristina and here’s a short introduction to my work – and your benefit from it:

My passion is vibrational healing and I have had the honour of facilitating transformational spaces for people on their journeys since 1998.

I support you in plugging yourself right back into Source through vibrational shifting - shifting from duality and separateness into connectedness and 'All That Is'.

It happens through the process of opening up to and Aligning with Source - your original Divine Blueprint and True Vibration.

This brings about profound and lasting healing, transfiguration and liberation enabling you to freely express your divinity in the physical existence.

We can work together either through 1:1 sessions (distance healing/massage and personal skype-sessions), Attunements and/or mentoring.

A bit of background information

I'm a Vibrational Energy Healer, Mentor, Master Practitioner & Teacher of Metatronia Therapy® & Metatronia Massage®, Reiki & Bach Flower Remedies.

I'm also trained as a Body and Gestalt Therapist as well as a Trauma Therapist specialised in especially complex trauma (attachment/developmental).

I'm from Denmark (a tiny country in Scandinavia) but I serve clients globally.

I offer Vibrational Alignment, Awakening Mentoring, Training, Workshops and Guidance for Lightworkers, Therapists, Healers and anyone from all walks of life drawn to work with themselves at the deepest level possible.

I'm one of the trustees of The Metatronia Foundation of Light (

I provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment to facilitate personal and spiritual growth on all levels.

"It is time for the truth of light to be restored fully within Humanity and the time for that light to vibrate fully upon the Earth” ~ Tammy Majchrzak

Feel free to get in touch if this resonates. I would be honoured to walk with you on your path xx

Much love,
Kristina Mie

Services available now

We can work together as follows:

- 'Art of Life Skype Sessions' - Energy Healing, Psychotherapy, Trauma Therapy and Bodywork
- Metatronia Therapy® - Distance Healing
- Metatronia Massage® - Distance Massage through Sacred Light Geometries
- Source Light Attunement
- Metatronia® Light Counselling & Mentoring

(Please scroll down for descriptions for each type of session).

Coming soon (I am currently setting up the organisational structure to support these modalities):

- Metatronia Therapy® HEALER LEVEL I
- Metatronia Therapy® MASTER LEVEL II
- Metatronia Massage® Practitioner

'Metatronia Therapy®' - Distance Healing

Metatronia Therapy® healing sessions - 60 min.

'My Personal Distance Metatronia Therapy® Session' - DKK 444

(approximately £53, $69 or EUR 60 - please check current exchange rate)

Metatronia Therapy® Healing is pure Source Light working with you at the deepest level possible beyond 'the story'.

Metatron connects with you to bring through Source Vibration and supports you through this beautiful, uplifting vibrational energy that works deeply, to bring you into resonance, balance, and alignment with Soul and Source.

To book an Appointment: DM or Email to set time and date for your session.

Payment Method: PayPal - click here, open a new tab and purchase your session through PayPal.

'Metatronia Massage®' - Distance, through Light Codings

Metatronia Massage® sessions - 60 min.

'My Personal Distance Metatronia Massage® session' - DKK 444

(equivalent to £53, $69 or EUR 60 - please check current exchange rate)

To book an Appointment: DM or Email to set time and date for your session.

Payment Method: PayPal - click here, open a new tab and purchase your session through PayPal.

Metatronia Massage® is based on the same foundation as Metatronia Therapy® - and thus has all the same healing properties.

Metatronia Massage® is the application and integration of Source Vibration into the physical vessel (body) through distance (hands-off) massage application.

How this works is through Divine Light Codings which are used very specifically to deeply penetrate all the physical aspects of the human body.

The vibration works on a profound level to release, relax, adjust, align, revitalise and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

This energy also assists with injury, disharmony and any areas of discomfort, whether it comes from physical bodily injury and trauma, mental, emotional and/or energetic imbalances from this life and/or previous lives, as well as from family, community and/or humanity.

For deeper understanding feel free to follow this link to discover more about both Metatronia Therapy® and Metatronia Massage®:

Metatronia Therapy® & Metatronia Massage® Information Pack in English (click here, open a new tab - link opens a note on Facebook).

'Art of Life Sessions' - Healing, Psychotherapy, Trauma Therapy and Bodywork via Skype

Art of Life Skype sessions - 90 min.

'My Personal Art of Life Skype Session' - DKK 844

(approximately £99, $138 or EUR 113 - please check current exchange rate)

I call these 'Art of Life Sessions' as we focus on bringing your innate wisdom, knowledge, skills, talents, abilites, ressources - your Divine Blueprint to light to assist you in living in alignment with your unique Soul deeply connected with Source.

Sessions will embrace and address whatever is needed and will be an exploration, healing journey, alignment and awakening session that brings you more clearly into your own Light.

To book an Appointment: DM or Email to set time and date for your session.

Payment Method: PayPal - click here, open a new tab and purchase your session through PayPal.

'Source Light Attunement' - including 33 days Light Counselling

Distance Attunement 60 min. plus ongoing support for 33 days

'Source Light Attunement plus 33 days Light Counselling' - DKK 1.888

(approximately £225, $281 or EUR 252 - please check current exchange rate)

Source Light Attunement, suitable for anyone who wishes to become aligned with their true vibration, Soul and Source. This Attunement is for your own personal and spiritual growth.

Light Counselling is done primarily through Sacred Lightcodings via the energetic connection between us. We also connect through Messenger in order to assist you consciously through the process.

Link to main Metatronia Therapy® page on Light Counselling (click here, open a new tab).

Please contact me for further information regarding Source Light Attunement and Light Counselling.

To book your Attunement: DM or Email to set time and date for your session.

Payment Method: PayPal - click here, open a new tab and purchase your session through PayPal.

Final remarks

One session of healing or massage is powerful in its own right, however, a series of treatments is recommended, especially if you wish to work through ongoing themes that have challenged you for a long time.

It is advised to allow time in between each session to honour the ongoing vibrational alignment period of adjustment between any of the MT treatments.

Click on this link for reviews and testimonials. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you reach the English section:

Testimonials from clients having recevied Metatronia Therapy® Healing and Metatronia Massage® (click here, open a new tab - link opens a note on Facebook).

May your healing take place in accord with Soul and Source and for the highest, greatest good of all.


Kristina Mie Andersen

Contact and Further Information

Facebook Page: Kristina Mie Andersen

Skype: kristina.mie
Instagram (English): kristina_mie_healing
Metatronia main website:

PayPal Payment: Direct link for you to place your payment with PayPal (type in the amount for the service you order)

Sessions are to be paid in advance once time and date have been mutually agreed and confirmed.

Sessions and training are payable in "Danish Krone" only and as a 'service'.



The complete contents of this webpage and links are intended for general information purposes only and the information and services contained within it are in no way offering a cure.

It is advisable to seek your GP's consent should you currently be undergoing any medical treatment or medication and wish to receive any of the services offered.

Complementary Therapy should not be used in place of conventional medical care. Always consult your GP or a health professional for medical attention and advice.

The Healing vibration offered can be used alongside and compliment treatments and medications you may currently be receiving from your GP/consultant/Health Care Practitioner.

I do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage caused as a direct or indirect result of the use or misuse of any contents, information or services.

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